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Og Ramos
2 min readOct 5, 2022
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My last post was on April 22nd, 2022. That’s 166 days since I sat down and wrote something for this blog.

I honestly didn’t have anything to write about; the same goes for the podcast. It was a good start, and I think I did well and tried something new. My priorities changed, and I enjoy the work I do. So, I decided to focus on my work, health, and life.

I’ve been moving things around in my schedule and life, closing down the podcast, webpage and other stuff I used for it. The only thing I thought about more than twice to shut down was this blog. I find value in expressing my thoughts in words and writing them down. Some of these thoughts I don’t make public, but the ones I do, I want them to have a positive impact, and it’s been hard to find impactful things to share.

That said, I’m going to shift a little towards different topics and not only talk about data. I love the data space, but it’s not been an integral part of my work, and I’ve been exploring more management and philosophy.

I’ll keep the Let’s Talk SQL topic and Saturday Morning Coffee Chat. I’ll tag things appropriately, and if there are topics you’re not interested in, we can ignore those. 😜

I hope you stay and read my rants and experiences, and I hope they do bring some value to your life.

Thank you all for your patience and reading.

Have a view-tiful day!


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